Friday, August 7, 2009

Watering Friday, August 7, 2009

Today's soil was not really dry, but not really moist either, so I soaked it all down. Perhaps my moisture-measuring finger needs calibration.

Today's picture is of an overflow pot at the Court. When we planted herbs, there were three leftover; we didn't want to overcrowd the troughs. Rather than waste them, we put them into an adjacent pot that was unused except for a sunflower (and some "guerilla gardening" lettuce I'd planted earlier that was ready for harvesting anyway.)

I hope that the result shows that we can have a variety of esthetic effects while growing food. The herbs are very attactive and the sunflower adds color and absorbs light, while not taking up much space. In theory, we could harvest the sunflower seeds but I suspect the chicadees may get there first! The sunflower was grown from seed, so it is very inexpensive.

While this pot was not an intended part of the experiment, I think it represents an accidental opportunity to learn and to present options for different spaces and esthetic needs.

(It looks like those herbs are close to ready to harvest.)

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