Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I skipped blogging during a rush week but the plants seem not to have noticed.

Friday Carl from the City of Seattle dropped off about eight starts of chard and another plant that does well in our winters; I think these were from his P-Patch so thanks for the donation! I meant to put them in the ground Saturday morning but an unrelated crisis erupted ( of the downsides of running a project on volunteers...); when I called Maurey about it she suggested we plant Monday morning when we're harvesting anyway.

When I watered this morning the starts looked o.k. but I gave them a good drink to be sure.

There were a lot of cherry tomatos ready to go, and a few that had dropped. I picked about a pound & set aside for the Monday run. You can see that the lettuce in the Tower tub is coming up nicely; we'll have baby greens soon and very likely some full-sized heads before winter. At that point the chard will want a lot of the space anyway.

The tomato-etc tub at the tower is basically rioting. There's a new cuke on the left and some yellow cukes on the right, with eggplants and peppers peeking out. We should have a good harvest Monday!

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