Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Small Harvest, Tuesday August 18, 2009

Today, while watering, I harvested.

The quantity was small but some of the tomatoes needed to go now! Sadly about 30% had split in the heat, as had one eggplant, and had to be discarded. However, now that I know for sure where Cherry Street is, I think I can harvest more frequently swing by on the way out on days that I drive.

From the Court:
  • Eggplant 13 oz
  • Tomatoes (cherry) 6 oz
  • Greens 4 oz
From the Tower:
  • Eggplant 6 oz
  • Tomatoes (1 big, 1 cherry) 6 oz
  • Greens (mostly the parsley from the lettuce tub) 5 oz
  • Cucumber (1) 7 oz

When you break down things this way, it doesn't look like much. However it totals over 2 pounds of food, fresh & organic, at very little cost. The greens bulk up a lot but don't weigh much.
(Note: Cherry Street is two-way! Look both ways before crossing --- I almost decorated the front of a van!)

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